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A Story to Tell

The first type of online education was in the mid 1990's. This was when the internet was a great success, and multimedia was being taken to another level. The first e-training companies dedicated their services to mainly businesses who did not want to hire trainers. Although the online education courses were great for new employees who needed training, it was only the beginning of an uphill process. Education online was very slow, as pictures were small and the entire course was text based. Nevertheless, it was beginning to catch the eye of many.

As the 90's ended, the millennium marked a new dawn of technology. E-learning was finally on the map as online education courses were now catching headway at colleges and businesses. With streaming media, online video access, and fast web site servers made it possible for online education to make quite a splash. Students were also able to learn from their homes, since working a job and going to school was quite a difficult task.

Today, online education has come a long way. Instructors are now being hired to solely teach online, which usually consists of being filmed for lesson videos. For many, it is a great opportunity because it gives us more knowledge.

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Why Choose e-Learning?

Because it is available 24/7, education can be provided in a self paced environment. It is interactive and available simultaneously. It is cost effective and the results can be measured for equitable education. With the advent of high speed internet and less expensive computers, e-Learning has become cost effective.
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OLK12 offers completely customizable on-line learning tools. Through OLK12's unique infrastructure, your clients will have the opportunity to access and interact at their convenience. OLK12 provides a fully customized and secured on-line portal for your classroom needs. In addition, our staff will meet your training needs; for administrators, professionals, teachers, staff, and students. OLK12 was founded to support Open Source Software in education. We provide a comprehensive range of services for Sakai and uPortal because we know that adoption and sustainability depend on quality services that make this important initiative accessible to all.
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