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The Chinese Language Online

The investors of the online Chinese market have taken notice at the potential the field has to offer. Currently, there are a variety of web sites which promote learning the Chinese language by using lots of multimedia components to make the learning experience more pleasant and straight forware. With an extensive array of free lessons where learners can learn the language at their own pace, these bi-folds include a supplement of daily subjects such as, "greetings in Chinese, "Chinese names", "shopping in Chinese", "rent an apartment in Chinese" etc... As such the concept of online education for the Chinese community and those abroad came to fruition.

Astonishingly enough, OLK12 has come to learn that the Chinese online education service provider, Cerbibo, has recently announced to sell 53% of their shares for the total of 10.3 million RMB, which is only equivalent to 1.51 million USD. It seems the other 47% shares will also be given to the buyer for the completion of the transaction. It was seen as the dream marriage in the Chinese e-Learning industry when the company was first formed back in October of 2003. However, they seem to have stumbled upon some serious marketing difficulties in China.

According to the information published on the China Beijing Equity Exchange website, the total asset value of Cerbibo is 12.4 million RMB, company debt exceed 8.8 million RMB, the appraised value of the company is only 1.88 million RMB. The annual income of Cerbibo in 2007 was 16.67 million RMB, but the total profit was in the negatives -1.75 million RMB, which means the company was operating at a loss.



The Sino Market


Cerbibo's down fall is the result of the philosophical and structural differences in the e-Learning industry between east and the west. For example, through the past exchanges with the Chinese institutions, OLK12 have observed that the Chinese online education industry focuses strongly on:

* synchronous teaching / learning methods

* heavy media components in all online courses

* mobile technology being used in e-Learning

* learners appreciates flexible learning with a low operational cost infrastructure

However, the core software provider of Cerbibo, has always focused on enterprise level solutions, self-study aspects and completely neglected the area in media and mobile technologies. Their synchronous teaching tools stay put with text chat. On the other hand, the back bone service provider CERNET is too big of a giant to provide the right marketing directions for Cerbibo. This also raises the issue to the host company of Cerbibo. Ever since the acquisition of WebCT, the company has grown so big and so fast, that they can't keep up the pace of the global e-Learning marketplace.

In contrast, neither CERNET nor the hosting agency have publicly announced anything in regard to the share transfer, all the information was collected through the China Beijing Equity Exchange office. The original source of this news is in Chinese which can be found here:

China Beijing Equity Exchange Office

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There have already been professional organizations providing e-Learning services in almost every niche market, such as pre-school, primary- & middle-school, adult, senior-citizen, vocational, diploma and corporate education, and some fields have even entered their fast growing stage.

Education and training are increasingly being seen as an important export market - with a multitude of reports claiming that it was earning more for overseas economy's than financial services or the car industry. With China, the foreign market should be keen to notice the growing demand for an educated workforce, as they are a key market.

The aim of the e-Learning market within China is to focus on the future innovations in the field of learning. By encouraging a debate on strategies for the development of the most effective methods, strategies, techniques, and technologies please follow the hyperlink above (contacts) and request how can OLK12 help better serve your community.