OLK 12
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Janet Syed

Delegate and Speaker for the Education Project in Bahrain

As a participant in the Education Project (Oct. 2009), she promoted a unique concept of an Open Source initiative to promote global education through a case study of international school participants. Henceforth, OLK12 found its place amongst classrooms throughout the world. Mrs. Syed also is an active participant of promoting those leadership values in education and training at both local and distance levels around the America's. Based in the Granite State of New England, she is an avid trainer to administrators and teachers when implementing Course Learning Management Systems. These various forms include how to effectively assess students, using competencies and then showcasing student work via e-portfolios for other academic institutions or employers to peruse over.

Highlights Include:

  • Delegate and Speaker: Education Project, Bahrain
  • Trainer for e-Portfolio using Sakai Portfolio and Assessment Solutions
  • Consulting for Professional Development Portfolios
  • Over eight years experience in public education
  • Adjunct Faculty Member, Southern New Hampshire University, Education Department


Naim Syed LPD.

Director of Technology

As the President and Technical Director of OLK12, Dr. Syed brings with him many years of experience working for the Department of Education within the State of New Hampshire. He has attributed an extensive array of work in the fields of science and technology for the middle and high school programs, predominately vocational education and apprenticeship programs. His focus is to fuse the tools of technology within the STEM based areas in both the educational programs of the United States and those affiliated schools abroad. He is involved in Open Source Students Information Systems like Sakai and Kauli Software initiatives. As a participant of technology conferences discussing open source and smart classroom initiatives, he is an enthusiast seeking a greater role within the spheres of information technology.

Highlights Include:

  • Developed Infrastructure for Course and Learning Environment

  • Delegate and Speaker: Education Project, Bahrain

  • Adjunct Faculty, Southern New Hampshire University, Information Technology Department

  • Researched on technology based solutions for Outcome Based Education