OLK 12
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Computer Requirements

Blended courses have specific requirements for computer skills and equipment. The minimum system requirements suggested from OLK12 are listed below.

Hardware: Minimum Requirements

* Pentium 4 Processor, 512MB RAM or better (PC)
* G4 or better (Mac)
* CD-ROM drive
* Sound card / speakers
* Video / graphics card

Operating System: Minimum Requirements

* Windows 98 or higher (PC)
* OS X 10.2 or higher (Mac)

Software: Minimum Requirements

* Microsoft Office '03 or '07 (PC)
* Microsoft Office: Mac '04

Current anti-virus software updated monthly (preferred McAfee or Norton).

Additional Required Software (most recent versions are available to download for free)

* Adobe Acrobat Reader
* Quick Time
* Flash Player
* Windows Media Player
* Real Player


* Internet Explorer 7.0
* Firefox/Mozilla

Note: Personal computer hardware, software, and internet connection problems are the responsibility of the student. Instructors will not be able to provide technical help for student computer problems. It's the responsibility of the student to seek help. 

Course Information

Why and How

Some advantages that OLK12 could offer include maximizing student learning, maximize physical resources, more learning centered and less lecturing and more activities, more flexible course format, and most of all more interaction and discussion for a greater engagement of students.

You will need some experience navigating and using the Internet. Important skills include knowing how to download files, attach document files to e-mail and use word processing software. In most cases, your instructor will provide you with an orientation to the class on the first scheduled class meeting. Technical skills required to successfully complete a course with OLK12's learning platform will not be in excess of the expectations for a face-to-face course.

The education you receive from a blended course is the same as a face-to-face class. Discussion, collaboration, exchange of ideas, and testing may all take place on-line utilizing the OLK12 Learning System.

Attendance for the class meeting on any campus grounds will follow the same policy as a traditional class. An on-line class absence may be identified as a missed assignment or inactivity in the course site, which the instructor is able to track. It is up to the instructor to determine their specific grading, attendance, and participation standards, which should be listed in their syllabus.

At the discretion of the instructor or administration of the facility, the instructor could provide you with a link to an anonymous online evaluation at the end of each semester or year. This would ensure positive feedback in terms of quality and maintenance.

What do Instructors Expect from Students

There typically is little difference here compared with the old fashioned face-to-face class.

Instructors expect everyone will participate in the class with courtesy and consideration for each other and for the instructor. Emails and web postings should be appropriate, relevant, and reflective of a professional demeanor. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following: inappropriate comments online, cyber harassment, and plagiarism.

Once your students attain the next level and considers achieving a higher education, it is a violation of most college policies to plagiarize or to recycle work. Try not to:

* Take others' thoughts or words without appropriate acknowledgment

* Submit work that has been written or revised in part or in whole by another person

* Submit work that you have submitted for another class