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Engaging Markets

Our experts are enabling global solutions to suit your classroom needs.

There are three elements involved in the finite model of education: making the provision of education more cost-efficient by commodifying the product; testing performance by standardizing the experience in a way that allows for multiple-choice testing of results; and focusing on much needed skills. The three elements are combined in different policies - cutbacks in the public sector, closing "inefficient" programs that don't directly meet the needs for a trained workforce, and the use of computers, in which courses are coupled over the Internet. 

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Be With Us

The challenges of globalization for an ordinary classroom setting.

The classroom is changing faster and more unpredictably than ever. Students are embracing a more technology savy world, creating interdependencies, global outreach, and regulations that are changing the very fabric we were used to. To stay competitive, your educational facility needs to move with the changes and achieve the speed, flexibility and resilience to handle whatever the world does next.

Since the Internet eliminates national and geographic boundaries, your e-classroom can attract new students from anywhere. To successfully service this market, your educational institution must integrate processes end-to-end across the facility. Educational centers that embrace this model can respond quickly and flexibly to any student demand, market opportunity, or competitive threat. This strategy requires basic changes in the way your educational center deals with technology, school practices, societal culture, languages, and multiculturalism. The rewards, however, both short- and long-term, can be enormous. And you don't have to do it alone.

OLK12's internal study

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