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Tools for Online Learning

OLK12 specializes in providing managed hosted solutions of Course and Learning Management Systems.  As such, we are also able to manage on client sites.

By offering our clientele completely customizable on-line learning tools, we have designed a unique infrastructure for those clients to have the opportunity to access and interact 24 hours a day and seven days a week!

OLK12 wors with K-20 schools as well as the public sector.  Instructors are given the flexibility to incorporate innovative technology by using video tutorials, creating tests online, utilizing immediate feedback, opening focused discussions, assess students through matrices customized by school rubrics, and finally guiding the student to create a portfolio of learning to share with academic institutions, employers, and parents.  Using online tools allows students to be creative and grow their digital citizenship through instructor lead classes.

Service Options

OLK12 features meet your needs by providing a complete suite of applications:

All packages include the following:

100% Uptime Availability
Customer Service
One or more Instance Installation

Hosting Options include the following:

SecureSecure Hosting* or OLK12 will implement on your site with full maintenance and support.

Pricing Options:

OLK12 is flexible and considers the needs of their clients. Pricing varies according to users with a per student charge / set up cost, or installation and support only. Please call 603-783-6301 for a free consultation. OLK12 intends to work with your institutions for success.

Tools for Success

With OLK12 you would have allowed access to the following:

* Couse and Learning Management System
* Digital Portfolios
* Experienced Providers
* Dedicated Support

Typically with most of our clientele, they would receive personalized training, 100% uptime connectivity, 1TB of space per instance, 32 GB of RAM/Server, 10 MB upload and download, 100 MB burstable bandwidth, Redundant servers, as well as customer service.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 25 Lowell Street.  Our office phone number is 603-783-6301 or fax us an inquiry at 866-906-9929 and we would be pleased to further the advance of education in every aspect of our youths progress.

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