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Signs of growth

Expansion of virtual learning is one of the most suitable approaches for making higher education more accessible to everybody to meet all demands in society. Therefore, there is a serious trend towards virtual learning in most fields of education. E-Learning amongst the Persian states, first, developed in noteworthy universities like Amir Kabir University, University of Science and Technology, Payam Noor University, and etc... For admission into these kinds of universities, the pupil should excel in any given number of subject with an acceptable grade. After that he/she would be able to attain acceptance into such prestigious schooling.

The most important infrastructures for our young children to get ahold of would include electronic sub structures and database and also Internet access to libraries, etc. And OLK12 wishes to be apart of the growing process, but adapting an online platform for our youth to enjoy the benefits of online education as well as the basic learning materials of the classroom.

We've just described the development of expanding of e-Learning in Persia and then the performances of these procedures have been documented. Our vision is to expand and provide a reasonable means of accreditation for our youth to prosper and succeed far greater than the previous generation has done.

Persian e-Learning

OLK12's initiative

Using the communication technology of the twenty first century, e-Learning has been used by different and reputable educational centers around the world. Today, under the name of OLK12, it is possible to offer the educational services in new methods. As a driving force we wish to expand our educational domain within Persia.

Our e-Learning capabilities could enrich the lives of our youth by establishing an online portal to address the needs of faculty and students from their early years up until they are ready to go on to the next level. This aim of ours is to admit and educate students via advanced technology of communication and Internet networking.

The main objective of OLK12 is to admit and educate students in academic programs by using the electronic techniques made available through an open sourced platform. The students who are avid members of such schooling are bound to succeed at any class level and after successfully passing all of their courses, they would have learned some of the new means of technology that higher education has been using for some time. Beyond a few exceptions, in each academic semester, the students pursue their educational activities electronically and via the Internet.

At present, we currently have three satelite locations around the globe, and wish for you to be with us as well. They have agreed to undertake the OLK12 initiative by incorporating an online platform for their children to educate, learn, and excel. It is a great feeling to know that whatever question is laid out in front of them, they would have the resources to solve any problem be it a question not found in the text to something as abstract as personal writing.

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Rapid expansion of Information and Telecommunication technology in recent years has crossed all the traditional boundaries of face to face communication, crossing out the barrier of distance in daily communications.  This rapid transformation along with socio-economic challenges in the last two decades have intensified the existing competition in providing e-Learning services amongst public as well as private institutes, in retrospect with higher education institutes, in national as well as international dimensions.

The e-Learning capability of OLK12 aims at serving social justice in the field of primary education through expanding admission capacity of the institutions and educating expertise who will satisfy specialized requirements of the society.  We have a comprehensive vision to arrive at excellence, and seek to meet rapidly changing requirements of the current and future society in any field our youth may encounter.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to gain credence in all educational as well as research activities of any institution.  Offering flexible and quality educational and research programs which are competitive with best practices of their kind then remains to be an essence to attain the above objectives.

OLK12 has established its missions and visions in the following brief:

* Meeting the increasingly demanding educational requirements of the society

* Improving educational standing of the society through providing highest standards of education

* Employing state of the art achievements of Information and Communication Technology

* Strengthening industry and educational facilities collaboration