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Blended learning, which combines face-to-face learning with a mixture of online activities, has been hailed as both a cost-effective way to relieve overcrowded classrooms and a suitable alternative to the traditional classroom experience. But it has quickly become more than that. There's a growing body of evidence that suggests blended courses really are an effective way to increase the attention span of the students. In addition, blended courses can actually lead to increased student engagement, not less.

But for blended learning to work well for you and, more importantly, your students, it requires a fair amount of upfront prep time in advance of the course and the discipline to stick to your course plan. More so than in traditional face-to-face courses.

When OLK12 participated in the Bahrain summit, a parable was drawn from the topic Organizing Blended Courses for Optimal Student Engagement. We detailed certain examples of the detailed class guides for our case studied classroom. These guides provided explicit instructions on the activities and learning goals for each week, including expectations for what needs to be accomplished before, during and after class.

Within our blended courses, when the student hears the bell for the class session to begin, they recognize almost instantaneously that they have to be ready to start learning, which includes putting in the work outside of class. During our interactions within the traditional classroom setting, they're more prepared and more engaged. Inevitably, their marks or grades are significantly better.


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Classroom experience

Ever since our clientele have redesigned their courses from a traditional to blended format a year ago, those in attendance have watched the course average rise by nearly 25 percent. OLK12 attributes part of that increase to the fact that our blended course ability have more active learning activities that require more time on task.

There also are weekly online quizzes, which despite being worth a relatively small percentage of a student's overall grade, are surprisingly popular with students-not to mention good predictors of overall course success. When those in charge recognize an alternative to teaching and educating, OLK12 will always be willing to provide a helping hand.

Some good practices to follow when using online quizzes effectively could be the following:

* Have a quiz bank that will randomize the order of the questions.

* Don't make quizzes longer than one hour.

* Use scaffolding questions with easier questions first.

* Don't ask too many questions straight from the book or notes.

* Keep a consistent schedule regarding the opening and closing of the quizzes.

A blended learning experience is really a way to reconceptualize everything you once thought you had to do as a teacher, and it can be one of the most exciting times that you'll have. We at OLK12 constantly receive feedback, and we often hear that teachers want to get motivated mid-career. If you happen to be one of those faculty members, this is an opportunity to really change a course drastically and, OLK12 would argue, for the better.


If you truly feel this method of learning could suit your educational needs, please don't hesitate and give us a call. You can request anything from additional materials or even print a transcript format of what we just discussed. OLK12 would gladly extended a listening ear to anyone of its participants.

OLK12's incorporated courses provide practical training through teaching demonstrations and workshops, lesson planning and analysis, and practice teaching with helpful feedback. Those successful candidates who decide to participate would have developed skills in teaching, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and culture.

Let OLK12 make the right decision for you and those with our vested interests.

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