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Delivering e-Learning in the method that best suits your facility

Online training must fit the needs of the academy and its pupils - technologically and culturally - and not necessitate new systems or work processes. That means e-Learning must be accessible through online portals, adapt with existing data warehouses, and convey the institution's identity. In short, e-Learning must fit the school, not the other way around.
Our learning platform facilitates the implementation and maintenance of your learning program through rapid, cost-effective deployment, robust features, back-office application, and portal integration capabilities. Front-end integration makes training accessible through

academy portals and intranets, supporting administrative practices. The C/LMS software resides on our servers, there is no need for clients to install or maintain a C/LMS. Back-end integration leverages existing applications and databases, reducing maintenance and errors.

Content Hosting

Why Choose e-Learning?

OLK12 offers two types of content hosting configurations, each with a different set of characteristics, and designed to meet a specific set of classroom objectives.

First-our courses reside on OLK12 servers, but are presented to students from a local C/LMS. In addition, content revisions and updates are provided automatically.

Second-our web services connects our C/LMS to a local database and applications. The most complete integration includes all OLK12 learning modalities.

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Market Research Integrating Technology & Education
Digital Portfolio's
OLK12 offers completely customizable on-line learning tools. Through OLK12's unique infrastructure, your clients will have the opportunity to access and interact at their convenience. OLK12 provides a fully customized and secured on-line portal for your classroom needs. In addition, our staff will meet your training needs; for administrators, professionals, teachers, staff, and students. OLK12 was founded to support Open Source Software in education. We provide a comprehensive range of services for Sakai and uPortal because we know that adoption and sustainability depend on quality services that make this important initiative accessible to all.
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