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Virtual Education

The obvious question that comes to mind is whether the technology is effective. If you are a student, you would take an assessment, and we here at OLK12 deliver a customized curriculum to fill in your gaps. We have also done some pilots where we take our curriculum and put it in a physical classroom with teachers. We are noticing significant gains per year in student performance without changing the staffing of the school.

OLK12 provides a fully customized and secured online portal. No need to worry about maintenance or hosting solutions. OLK12 provides hosting in a secure environment. Our maintenance and support is without question responding 24/7. We also meet and exceed all of your training needs; for administrators and professionals, teachers, staff, and students. OLK12 does it all, so you don't have to. This allows you to concentrate on your clients needs and begin the learning process.

Our market strategy is clear, that we provide open source solutions to every corner of the globe. We have found there are regions of the world which tend to be more aggressive to adopt online learning. Currently, we are finding interest not only in our present locality, but all over the world.





OLK12 is very easily suitable to cover the requirement across subject areas of math, science, social studies, and language in order for our youth to graduate. By starting with proven principles and build upon what has been proven to work for students, you would have already succeeded in creating an anticipatory set for students. We would provide the direct instruction of the faculty in a certain field by giving students the opportunity to be proactive based on formative and summative assessments. In turn, this would allow the faculty to assess student progress so that they can remediate where necessary and give students the opportunity to practice and demonstrate their knowledge.